Transport Packaging from Bavaria

We complement selected components to transport packaging of highest quality. Not only the obvious materials such as wooden boards are important but also accessories like foam material, PE foils or shock indicators. These parts increase the safety additionally and provide evidence of an intact cargo.


Übersee Holzkiste


The customer will see the packaging first. We build your business card!

Packaging for transportation meet various functions. On the one hand, it serves to protect the load and their stacking. On the other hand the loading can be lifted, moved and secured. Moreover, the packaging leaves the first impression with customers. This is often decisive whether they highly assess the quality of the content and trust the manufacturer.



For the construction of the transport packaging we constantly pay attention to the use of appropriate materials. The variety contains multi functional boards, veneer boards, multiplex and textured coated boards.

Only timbers are used as solid wood which correspond to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15). These regulations were made by IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) to prevent spread of wood pests and insects that could negatively affect plants or ecosystems. Consequently, as certified company our packagings  are always marked.

Verpackung von Fracht

Corrosion Protection

Particularly over long distances and long periods of storage it is crucial to use proper corrosion protection which preserves the packaged good from extreme climatic conditions. For this we make use of the desiccant method with aluminium bond or as well the VCI method.



As accessory items we offer diverse tools for transportation such as shock indicators, sealing, desiccants, PE foil, packing bags, lashing straps. Besides this, the packaging can be labelled with information about the loading and its handling as well as with the company logo.


Our range of services contains all necessary and requested working steps from the planning of transport packaging to containerisation on-site. Thereby both piece and serial productions can be commissioned. The size of our workshop makes it possible to store prefabricated transport packaging temporarily. Due to that fact we can guarantee just-in-time deliveries.

Planung von Projekten für den Transport


Every journey starts with a good planning.

According to the respective use, for example wooden or reusable packaging, special packing or packaging for export, we make calculations of necessary materials for every transportation individually. This type of production keeps the costs as low as possible and is environmentally friendly.

Verladung am Burchardkai


By sea 90% of the goods are conveyed in ISO containers. Thereby high climatic and mechanical loads do occur. For this reason, professional and proper transportation locks are particularly important in order to avoid expensive and unnecessary damages in transit.

Verpackung für Übersee

Installation on-site

It can be very time-consuming and cost-intensive having to transport the products to the packer first. For that reason we offer the opportunity to perform the needed packaging locally. For this purpose we deliver the pre- or fully assembled boxes and load them with the intented products directly at the customers’ site.